Pabling - Herry
Kinatloan & Torta

The Manufacturer of homemade Boholano delicacies from the town of Calape Bohol since 1970.

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Pabling - Herry Kinatloan & Torta's delicious delicacies.


a bracelet-like cookie made of pure egg yolk in combination with a finest flour and no preservatives added.

Torta Ensaimada

a deliciously soft twisted cake which is traditionally made from flour, milk,eggs,sugar,butter and pork lard.


a wonderfully rich, dense cake and a Filipino favorite specialty usually prepared during fiestas and special occasions.

Torta Minasa

these mouth-watering favorites are loaded with the finest ingredients and baked in customized pans lined with white glazed paper. "Minasa" is a Boholano word which means kneading.

Pabling - Herry Toated Mamon

Pabling - Herry Toated Mamon is made from toasted sponge cake. It's crunchy and slightly sweet. Perfect for dipping into coffee or chocolate.

Pabling - Herry Baked Polvoron

Pabling - Herry Baked Polvoron is made of toasted flour, powdered milk, sugar, and butter and some secret ingredient. It is being molded into like marbles.

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