Beach Trip Essentials

Beach Trip Essentials

Headed for a beach vacation? Are you ready with your beach trip essentials?

When the weather is heating up, trip to the beach is a popular way to spend the day.  It will be a great fun, especially when it’s a trip to Bohol. It’s no secret that many tourists drove to Bohol to see its world’s popular attraction, the Chocolate Hills. But more than scenic land formations, the province is also a famous tourist destination for white sand beaches.

Creating memories with friends and family is invaluable. Freeing yourself from tension and anxiety and at the same time having leisure time is something we need to have. Beach vacations are super cool. But they can also be sometimes hard, as little injuries like cuts, bruises and many other are common. And, you don’t definitely have the things to treat them like you usually do.

That is why to ensure your next beach trip a relaxing getaway, try this suggested beach trip essentials. Here, we provide hacks and tips to help you pack everything you need.

Beach Trip Essentials – Luggage

Your beach luggage must be lightweight and breezy. Especially for a beach escape, make sure you don’t pack too much. The goal is to relax, not to add stress.

Keep Organized on Your Beach Packing Essentials

You should keep yourself organized, from sandals and walking shoes to sunscreen and shades. Use packing organizers and compressed your clothes to save space. To keep your clothes nice and neat without getting worried of wrinkles, use folders.

Basics Beach Trip Packing Essentials

Though the plan is to lounge on the beach only, there are some items that must be included. These are sunscreen, sunglasses, bathing suit , good book, sandals, tank tops  and shorts. It is also a need to include hat , cell phone and charger , underwear, pajamas, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo and conditioner.

Other fun things to take to the beach are toys (children), goggles, snorkel, towel and umbrella. For entertainment purposes, you should consider packing laptop or tablet, headphones, camera and electrical converters or adapters


Remember to bring along any medications your family need. Prepare also an emergency kit. Because of course, you don’t want to have a medical emergency while you’re away from home.


Above all, consider your safety when you travel to peculiar places. Plan for thirsty and extra-hungry situation. Since staying in the beach under the sun will get you dehydrated easily, always bring you bottled water.

If you’re packing for the beach trip it’s inevitably a very good idea to have some healthy snacks on hand. There is nothing more important than to bring along as much sustenance food as possible. If you are in Bohol, don’t go home without tasting kinatloan, a Boholano cookie delicacy from Pabling – Herry Kinatloan & Torta. Kinatloan is very good as beach snacks. It is very handy and healthy because of its natural ingredients and no preservatives. Eggs as its main ingredients can improve your vision and prevent heart attacks. If you haven’t tried them yet, visit Pabling – Herry Kinatloan & Torta at Torralba St., Tagbilaran City.

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