Let's Discover Calape

Let’s Discover Calape

Let's Discover Calape
Let’s Discover Calape

Bohol is one of the most venturesome islands in the Philippines. There are so many beautiful tourist spots and adventurous places to discover and enjoy. However, in this blog post, let’s discover Calape, one of its town.

Calape is a beautiful town located in western coast of Bohol, front pointing on the island of Cebu on the north. It is located at approximately 41 kilometers from Tagbilaran and is adjacent to Tubigon. The first settlers of Calape were immigrants from Cebu and from other Bohol municipalities.

The town of Calape is very proud of its 18th century church with Gothic style; a mocha painted structure with pointed towers that figures like a castle taken straight from a fairy book. The ground or plaza lies along the national road with a soaring image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus gracing it. In honor to their devotion, Saint Vincent Ferrer, their feast day falls on May 10. Calape formerly known as Cape, a specie of rattan that grow abundantly in the area. The name modified and finally changed to Calape after some years.

Calape has a lot of touristic places, beach resorts are famous here also. It has several resorts also where one can go swimming and enjoy in other aqua sports in Panggangan Island.

Let’s Discover Calape – Beach Resort

Panggangan island is absolutely flat with minimal vegetation. However, one can mostly see tall coconut palm trees and some portion of the land are planted with corn and cassava.The crystal clear water surrounding Pangangan Island is heaven for those who love beach resorts. Among those resorts are the Jav Beach Resort, Treasure Island, Isla Hayahay Beach Resort and many more. Aqua enthusiasts may enjoy also snorkelling, diving and fishing or enjoy boat riding around beyond or around Calape bay with friends or family.

If you’re in Calape, don’t dare to go home without tasting kinatloan, an original Calape delicacy. Kinatloan is very travellers’ snacks. It is very handy and healthy because of its natural ingredients and no preservatives. Eggs as its main ingredients can improve your vision and prevent heart attacks. If you haven’t tried them yet, visit Pabling – Herry Kinatloan & Torta at Torralba St., Tagbilaran City.

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