A Peek on Filipino Fiesta Celebration

A Peek on Filipino Fiesta Celebration
A Peek on Filipino Fiesta Celebration

No matter how big or small a town in the Philippines, it holds fiesta. While not uniquely a tradition in Philippines, fiesta is one of the main cultural events and religious celebration for Filipinos. Fiesta which means feast is one of the Spanish influences that has rooted in the Philippines. The roots go back during Spanish colonial rule where Pre-Hispanic Filipinos offered regular ritual to placate the gods. These offerings evolved into fiestas we know today. Today, every town and city in the Philippines has a fiesta of its own, a joyful excuse for locals to share their best food and their most potent potables with venturesome outsiders. The festivities generally coincide with the day of the Patron Saint of a particular place. Let us take a peek on Filipino fiesta celebration and how everyone is busy for it.

There are about a more than a hundred different fiestas and festivals celebration in the country every year. Every town, every province, every barangay honors different patron saints, which means that every fiesta celebration is unique and distinct. But if there is one thing in common amongst all of them it would probably be the extravagance of it all.

By tradition, preparations for the fiesta begin weeks before its actual day. One popular identity that fiesta is approaching is when the town begins to display or put up colorful banderitas. Towns would also start organizing different evens, activities, contests, and performance to be administered during the feast day.

Every family spends enough time for preparing fiesta may it be in terms of decoration, food, or invitation of guests. Filipinos are fond of food, so you can just think of a banquet meal that is spread or available every time the town’s feast day finally comes.

In Bohol

In Bohol, preparations for the fiesta already start long weeks before, renovating the house, landscaping, saving for food, and fattening the pigs. Fiesta in Bohol would never be complete without lechon baboy and of course Torta, a dessert inherited from Spaniards. So, if you are looking for torta, try the torta from Pabling – Herry Kinatloan & Torta at Torralba St., Tagbilaran City. They offer three different tortas, torta ensaimada, torta minasa and torta binatel. All are delicious. Each bite makes you feel extremely good. It tastes like oh heaven! You should try this!

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