About Pabling – Herry Kinatloan & Torta

Pabling – Herry Kinatloan & Torta started in 1970. The company has maintained its goal to satisfy customers with high-quality specialty products and delicacies. That is why our dependable services have made it more stable over the last forty stable years.

We do not consider mediocrity when it comes to giving quality and honest service. Our passion and great desire to serve our customers at its best are important. In short, great customer satisfaction and comfort is our vision. Moreover, we maintain our goal to satisfy our customers with delicious delicacies

Pabling – Herry Kinatloan & Torta has reinforced consistency in the predictable expectations of the customer. With our familiar suppliers of ingredients and with the artistic hands, we were able to create a classic cookie.

We use the best quality, local ingredients and are proud to be able to say where everything comes from.  Our secret recipe handed down from one generation to the next generation. This is to provide authentic quality delicacies that satisfy every customer’s cravings.

Today, Pabling – Herry Kinatloan & Torta is one of the famous entities with regards to delicacies, especially in Bohol. Our customers are the core of our business, the experienced and dedicated team will continue to provide the best service. Through additional facilities, branches, and crews, we are taking a higher level of satisfaction.