Kinatloan by Pablihg – Herry Kinatloan & Torta is a delicious cookie. It is a Boholano delicacy that looks like a bracelet or bangle.  Because of its natural ingredients, It tastes mildly sweetened and has an aromatic flavor.

It is commonly referred to as “bracelet cookies” or “doughnut cookies” because of its appearance. It has a hole that is bigger than that of a doughnut but big enough to fit a child’s arm. This can also be described as a local bagel with chocolate hills, sized-shaped crowns. Thus, It is also referred to as “30 crowns.” However, over the years, the size decreased until its present, small bracelet shaped size.

Aside from being delicious, Kinatloan also is healthy because of the natural ingredients without any preservatives. It has a lot of eggs that can improve your vision, prevent heart attacks and breast cancer. It can also Lower Triglycerides, protect brains, build bones and more.


  1.  butter
  2. white (granulated) sugar
  3. light brown sugar
  4. vanilla extract
  5. eggs
  6.  flour
  7. baking soda
  8. baking powder

Aside from the ingredients mentioned above, Pabling – Herry Kinatloan & Torta have other secret ingredients for their Kinatloan. Our delicacy is perfect for those who love crunchy, but not too much of the sweetness.

You can buy our kinatloan in 3 different packs:

  1. Pack of 2’s
  2. Pack of 8’s
  3. Bag of 10’s


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