Toasted Mamon



Toasted Mamon by Pabling-Herry Kinatloan & Torta is basically our version of this well-loved Filipino sponge cake that has been toasted to perfection.  It has a crunchy texture that is very scrumptious to the taste.

This is one of the famous toasted sponge cake, crunchy, a little sweeter and buttery egg taste that lingers on your mouth. It is very good when paired with coffee or sikwate (hot chocolate). This crunchy treat softens when it is dipped into these hot wake-me-uppers. This gives you a more delightful, buttery goodness taste that is more than welcome any time of the day.

It is baked twice to achieve the crunchy and crusty texture, which is characteristic of Toasted Mamon. These crispy, creamy and mouth-watering toasted cakes leave no crumbs when eating it.  Suitable for all walks of life since its sweetness and crunchiness is just right. This will surely give a delightful experience to your family and friends and will keep them munching it for more.

Its ingredients are eggs, wheat flour, refined sugar, orange soda, non-hydrogenated coconut oil or palm oil, baking powder, cream of tartar, and salt. All ingredients are mixed using state-of-the art equipment, are delicately folded and molded to form small cupcakes. These shaped dough are baked and then toasted well to achieve its desired crunchiness.

To prolong its shelf-life up to six (6) months, it is packed and sealed in plastic. Every packaging weighs 55 grams and approximately 8 pieces.


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